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Best Web Developers is the UK's leading hosting and migration company that provides cheap hosting and migration services. Our team of professionals offers thoroughly examined, highly suggested hosting and migration services that deliver extensive features and reliability for personal or commercial use. In this competitive digital world, web hosting and migration have become a business necessity. Whether you're a business owner or digital creator, web hosting and migration remain something you can afford to skimp on in this electronic era. We have been delivering our hosting and migration services for the last two decades, and people turn to us whenever they need hosting and migration services.

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It is Important To Choose Reliable Hosting And Migration Company

To achieve huge success in this digital era, your business must have a reliable and approachable website for your customers to access. Furthermore, a single web page listing your business’ hours of operation and contact details can give your business the credibility it needs in this modern era. However, if you intend to create a website, whether it is for a company, website, or your project, you require hosting and migration services. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have; our hosting and migration services will cover your requirements.

Our Reliable Hosting And Migration Services

Hosting and migration appear in all forms and shapes. Our crew of hosting and migration specialists provide customised services that are directly tailored to your specific needs. Spending all this time in the competition, we have provided numerous hosting and migrations services. We have remained refined in our methods as innovations and digital practices have come. As the leading hosting and migration company in London, we offer a wide range of hosting and migration services that are exactly tailored to the client’s needs. If you want to compete in this competition, you have come to the right place. Our cheap hosting and migration services include the following:

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the procedure where web hosting companies manage website data and programs on a network to enable consumers' websites to be reachable from the web. Web hosting involves the operation of a few specific real or simulated hosts to operate as web hosts, along with the domain name system, which is known as DNS.

Website Migration

Website migration is the process of redirecting your old web pages to new web pages. Website migrations eliminate all the negative impacts on your ranking. When you choose website migration, your users still reach you through the old links. So you don't need to worry about losing your traffic or customers.

Buy Domain & Domain Name Migration

We are the UK's leading hosting and migration agency that offers domain and domain name migration services. We offer registration resources for purchasing domain names, which are referred to as DR (Domain rating). These domains are employed to target consumers all over the globe!

Why Are We The Leading Hosting And Migration Agency in the UK?

As the world is growing, the competition is also increasing with it. There are many hosting and migration companies in the UK and all across the globe. But we are still an award-winning hosting and migration company because we provide legitimate services. Our client-centric company has won clients’ hearts by providing effective services. We offer affordable hosting and migration services for clients. Host migration is the method of transferring possession of the website from one server to another server. This can occur in an array of manners that converge largely in these groups:

Our Work Process



When a client hires us for hosting and migration services, we start our process with analysis. Our team of professionals thoroughly analyse everything that is needed for the performance. In the analysis process, we stay connected to the client and provide reporting to the client. Once the analysis is completed, we move on to the next process, which is performance.



As the leading hosting and migration company, we prioritise performance. We exclusively employ the modern and fastest web servers. Each of our servers contains a minimum of sixteen exceptionally functioning components. We place a lessening load on machines, so your website has better space during busy moments, and running complicated programs will be easy on it.


100% Up-Time

Once the performance process is completed, we move on to the next step, which is uptime. Uptime is the system framework that drives your web hosting networks and delivers 100% up-time. We employ maximum capacity supplies, systems, and transitions to ensure complete redundancy. Our professional team will create your system's uptime among the finest.


Protection and Privacy

Once the uptime process is complete, we move on to the next step: protection and privacy. Our company prioritises privacy and protection. With the latest technologies, our team protects your system. Our team improves and protects the systems operating on servers. Our professional team continuously monitors, investigates, and evaluates systems.



The support process is the most important step. In the support process, our team strives to provide complete client satisfaction with the help of our customised hosting and migration services. As a client-centric company, we provide rapid, trustworthy, and reliable assistance backed by our support team. Our mission is to convince our clients with our hosting and migration services.


Ongoing Support

Once the client's requirements are met, and the project is completed, we offer our clients 24/7 support. We are here for our clients to tackle any hardship that our client faces. Our team guarantees results and provides additional strategies for your future success. Our main goal is to help clients succeed in their journey, and we aim to be an important part of your success.

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What are Shared Web Hosting And Dedicated Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most inexpensive form of domain hosting accessible. Shared hosting is inexpensive because it divides a server with other corporations that also require an inexpensive hosting service. Every business that shares the server has its designated archive capacity determined by the hosting packages. Shared hosting varies depending on the capacity of the server. One can manage countless websites hosted on the corresponding system. The good thing about shared hosting is that every user gets a portion of the entire accessible capacity, data, and energy.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting means owning your place. Dedicated hosting is entirely yours. No one is allowed to access it without your permission. In dedicated hosting, the server is committed to supporting a particular domain, providing you with authority, capacity, and retention. However, most people don’t prefer dedicated hosting despite its ability and power, even though dedicated hosting offers more advantages than the ordinary enterprise demands. Dedicated hosting is preferred by large enterprises and companies that frequently encounter excessive network traffic, trades or demand enormous disk capacity. Dedicated hosting provides the greatest versatility, modification, and safety.

What is Migration?

As we know, website migration reroutes all previous web pages to new pages to lessen any corrosive effect on your rankings affected by shifting or altering your site. Though migration seems simple, in reality, it can be frustrating. It requires lots of focus and energy. Website migration can end your SEO and data if not performed well. It is crucial to get migration services from a reputed company like us. We provide a wide range of migration services.

We have a team of professionals who perform migration thoroughly. Our team of web development professionals concentrates on migrating sites in a search engine optimisation SEO-friendly manner, guaranteeing that your site doesn’t deteriorate organic visibility and rankings in the procedure. Our leading agency provides complete migration solutions containing:

  • SEO Migration
  • Migration of website to hosting and infrastructures
  • Google Tag and Google Analytics migration
  • Migration of domain name

We are a One-Solution Company

Best Web Developers is a top-notch company that provides many solutions. We have a group of Google Analytics, web development, paid PPC, SEO, and digital marketing. Our team of professionals maintain the interconnectivity of digital initiatives.

We have the most disciplined team that works collectively to accomplish successful website migrations. Our professional team at Best Web Developers is Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Certified. Our company possesses the best team of website developers.

Furthermore, we have successfully achieved every single project that we have received. We have 99% satisfied clients and more than 90% return clients, which says everything about us. We have accomplished huge projects of website migrations. Choose us for your next web hosting and migration; we will help you reduce your stress. By choosing us, you will get many other benefits because we provide solutions for each service, from development to marketing.

Our Shared Hosting Benefits


One of the advantages we provide is that we are budget-friendly. The obvious benefit is the reasonable cost. We offer affordable rates to minor, recent sites. Our shared hosting is generally the most suitable since it is the least costly yet provides a justified amount of capacity, strength, and storage.


Shared hosting is the most efficient because it guarantees that your business stays productive with its assets. In shared hosting, you only pay for what you require instead of spending funds on bandwidth or storage.


We will help ensure your shared web hosting is compatible with your domain. We assure you that our experienced specialists will operate your shared web hosting. Our team concentrates on supporting server health, allowing you to focus on your profession.

Customised help

We provide our customers with personalised help. Even though our client-server capacity is divided, we guarantee that our client’s sites will still be 100% customisable to their specifications.

What is the Process of Website Migration?

The procedure of website migration is straightforward. In a website migration procedure, the site undergoes significant URL, content, user experience design, structure and framework changes. It could be everything from modifying the structure of a site to altering the URL structure or transferring the site to a different domain or CMS.

Site Migration Forms

  • Method: modifying site format from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Sub-domain: modifying website from “” t “”
  • Domain: Changing your website URL from to
  • Top-notch domain: altering the site’s URL from a .com to a .org, .net, etc.
  • CMS: transferring the site from the present content management system to a new one.
  • Redesigning: Making adjustments that differ from minor decorative modifications to the site’s structure to a complete redevelopment with extensive structure and copy modifications.
  • Structure: modifying the site’s style or structure, which generally involves altering either the visitor flow of the site or the URL structure on which the website is constructed.

CMS Migration

Content management system migration is crucial whether the site is on WordPress, Drupal,  Umbraco, Merchello, or Joomla! DNN Software, or another CMS, Best Web Developers website migration experts are available to smoothly migrate your existing site to your content management system choice. Our team of professionals handled a lot of website migrations during these years, resulting in improved site functionality and user interaction. As London’s leading hosting and migration agency, we have developed a content management system migration methods adapted to your particular requirements.

Our content management system method involves.

  • Evaluating the existing site.
  • Content management system approach
  • best SEO evaluation
  • site structure components migration
  • Importing data
  • Website functionality test
  • Website review
  • Method deployment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that are commonly asked by our esteemed clients

The migration process takes some time and varies depending on how many servers are being migrated. For migrating, a restructuring may be required. Best Web Developers ensures involvement in local and mid-sized corporation migrations within three days. You can trust our company with the migration process. We are well-versed in migrating websites without jeopardising any other things. After migrating your website, we guarantee it will perform exactly as it was before or even better. The migration evaluation stage will enable you to examine every action of your migrated sites and resources. Our team only makes your website when you tell us to do it.

Web hosting is the agreement between you and hosting service providers to store all of your data and allows others to see your data. Web hosting is the most affordable and straightforward way. Without any investment, you can use the server however you want. To manage a site, you certainly require a web hosting account. With our web server website can’t go live. Usually, web servers cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Web hosting is much more affordable. Web hosting solutions allow you to access the world wide web without investing significantly.

Shared Web Hosting Services are among the most popular types, primarily because they are extremely affordable. Shared web hosting dispenses the plan holder with access to a minor portion of a web server used by countless other sites. These effective web servers are divided into groups that web hosting consumers assign. We are the best at providing shared hosting. Furthermore, if you must surpass these restrictions, resources are taken from other parts of the network to meet your requirements. There is a chance that this method may or may not sacrifice effectiveness. However, it allows you to have unlimited plan benefits such as capacity and memory capacity. Shared hosting is a special web hosting that generally costs less than any other web hosting plan.

Our prices depend on the services you require. Without knowing the complexity and services you need for your project, providing you with the exact amount is impossible. However, you can get a free quote from our company by filling up the form, and our team will contact you as soon as possible. However, as the UK’s leading hosting and migration agency, we provide the most affordable hosting and migration prices. We are a client-centric company entirely focused on delivering results. Our team of professionals is here to assist you in every way. We are a well-known company because we have more than 99% positive reviews and more than 90% return clients, which says everything about us.


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